Setting Short Term Capacity Overrides

At times you may wish to change the capacity of a work center for a short period of time. This article describes the steps to do so.

Click on the Period to Start the Exception

Make certain the view is in the daily schedule view

Click on the capacity value on the day to start the exception

In the example, we are starting the exception on Feb 2nd.

Daily Capacity Setting Pop-Up Opens

The default view is simple showing the option to change the capacity value for a single day or make that day a non-working day.

Alternatively, you may click on "Switch to advance view" to open the entering the value against a sequence of days.

Advance View

When clicking on Advance view, the dialogue box opens with additional values to extend the exception based on a recurence frequency and range.

Once the value is entered, click save to apply the exception.

Alternate Approach

Click on the name of the Work Center to open the work center capacity detail

Work Center Detail Opens

Click "Add New" Capacity Exception Definition

Capacity Exception Definition Opens

Enter the exception and click "Save Definition" to save


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