Setting Unit Based Capacity Planning

The default method of capacity planning is time based. For certain situations, a quantity based capacity is more applicable particularly in instances where the detailed capacity planning with a detailed routing is not possible or not available. The instructions below describe how quantity based capacity planning works and how to set it up.

Please note that DemandCaster only supports one method of setting capacity at present. It is either Time based or Quantity based. If you require a mixed approach, please contact support.

How Quantity Based Capacity Works

Before applying the settings, first we need to describe how quantity based capacity works. The method is actually a time based as determined by the number of units that can be produced in a day.  Because of this, an setup time and run times in the routing are not needed. Only the work centers are required.

For the Working day capacity the planner can specify both working time and quantity that will be produced over that time. Using this input DemandCaster automatically calculates the run time of a single unit for each item in the work center. For example, in an 8 hour working day which is equal to 460 minutes, setting the capacity at 460 units per day will result in a rate of 1 unit per minute. Increasing or decreasing the hours without changing the capacity quantity only changes the rate not the capacity. This value is then used to calculate the weekend capacity by adjusting the weekend work hours.

Enable Time or Quantity Based Capacity Planning

Open system settings by:

  1. Clicking on the Gear
  2. Clicking on System Settings
DemandCaster - Capacity and 6 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge

Scroll down to Manufacturing / DRP Settings and select "Quantity" for the Capacity calculations type

Set Work Center Quantity Capacity

Go to Capacity Grid and click on the work center name to open its capacity settings. You may also make the change in Data Maintenance.

Enter the standard work hours, the work center efficiency, and the quantity that can be produced per day. As noted above, increasing or decreasing hours does not change the unit capacity. Only changing the Quantity changes the unit capacity. These values will automatically update the Saturday and Sunday capacity based on their work hours.

Click "Save" to apply the changes.


If prompted, click "Recalculate Partial" to update the capacity grid with the new settings.

The resulting capacity plan is generated. If there are issues where periods are over capacity, interim adjustments may be made by clicking the period where there is an overcapacity situation (must be done in daily view). A new capacity value may be entered for the day or clicking on "Switch to advance view" allows entering recurring overrides. Additional information is provided in the article Setting Short Term Capacity Overrides.


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