Capacity Pop-Up

This article describes the data included in the capacity pop-up.

View Capacity Pop-Up

When clicking on any period in the Start, Load, or Units rows, a pop-up appears in the top left corner of the screen showing all the orders scheduled for the given period. A user can click on any period and the pop-up will change as each period is selected.

Pop-Up Opens

  1. Order#: This is the items work order number. It is either an order from the ERP or Planned in DemandCaster. If planned, the number is preceded by the notation "Planned-"
  2. Oper#: This is the operation number of the item.
  3. Total Sch H: This is the scheduled hours the operation is in the work center depending on if it is serial processing or parallel processing. Parallel processing requires less cumulative time than serial processing.
  4. Total Cap: Total number of hours of the operation. In serial processing this is the same as Total Scheduled Hours. In parallel processing this will be greater than the total scheduled hours.
  5. Daily Sch H: The number of hours scheduled for the daily period. These hours are constrained by the capacity of the period. If the period is weekly, the header will be titles as Weekly Sch H.
  6. Daily Sch Cap:
  7. Oper start:
  8. Oper end:
  9. Item number: The item number being scheduled.
  10. Classification, Order Frequency, and Accuracy values for the item.
  11. Qty: The total quantity being scheduled.
  12. Due date: Due date of the scheduled order
  13. Click "Capacity" to view the capacity detail
  14. Click "Forecast" to view the forecast and requirement plan for the item