Building BOM's in DemandCaster

Prior to creating the new BOM, please ensure all the items related to the BOM are already in DemandCaster.

Once ready, go to Data > Data Maintenance > BOM and click "Add New" to get started

For each component of the BOM you are building, enter the following information:

  1. Location where the BOM will be applied (if DRP is enabled on your account)
  2. Child Code: The component within the BOM
  3. Quantity: The quantity of the child (component or sub-assy) needed to build one parent (finished good or sub-assembly)
  4. Click "Save" and continue from step 1 until the entire BOM is complete

Once complete, the completed BOM will appears as follows.

Manually created BOM's may be deleted in the BOM Data Maintenance. Uploaded BOM's may not.


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