Editing Forecasts (Total Demand) in Requirement Planning

Editing total demand column only affects the independent forecast value. It does not zero out the independent or dependent values. These two values are used in the replenishment quantity calculation regardless if the total demand is changed to zero.

Open the Total Demand Column

  1. Click on the edit icon in the "Total Demand" column header to open the Total Demand column
Open the Total Demand Column

Edit the Total Demand

  1. Click on the radio button of the period where the total demand should be edited.
  2. Click save to apply the edit

Note: If the S&OP platform is enabled, any edits made here will be overwritten with the next demand update approval. These will be temporary short term changes. In the Basic Platform, all changes remain applied unless removed by the user by clicking on the original value radio button by period.

Edit the Total Demand

Alternate Quick Fill Approach

If the edited value will be the same over a number of periods through the planning horizon, you may quick fill the values by entering a single value and using the copy function (down arrow icon) as shown in the GIF below.

Alternate Quick Fill Revert to Forecast


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