How to Create, Apply, and Edit a Selection Filter

This article describes the steps to create, apply, and then later edit a previously defined filter.

Apply a Selection Filter

See the article Item Selection Interface to learn how to apply a selection filter.

In the image below, we have applied a filter using the Components product category from the drop-down.

Apply a Selection Filter

Create Customer Filter

Click "Show custom filter" to open the custom filter option.

  1. In the "Save filter as"  box, enter a name of the custom filter. In the example below, "Component" is entered.
  2. Click "Save filter" to create the new filter.
  3. You may also hide the custom filter
  4. And clear any filters applied against the selection. Please note that a filter persists from screen to screen until cleared.
Create Customer Filter

Select and Apply a Saved Filter

  1. Click on "Show Custom Filter" (screenshot shows "Hide custom filter" since a filter has been selected)
  2. Choose desired custom filter from "Choose Filter" drop down menu.
  3. Once selected from drop down, the filter will be automatically applied.
Apply Saved Filter

Edit or Delete a Previously Defined Filter

To edit, follow the steps above to open a previously defined filter.

  1. Add an additional filter to the selection. In the example below we selected a specific supplier
  2. In the Save Filter As box enter a new name for the custom filter if it is a new filter, or keep the name the same if editing the current filter.
  3. Click "Save filter" if editing the current filter.
  4. Click "Save and add new filter" if a new filter name is being created.
  5. Click "Delete filter" if the filter needs to be deleted.
Apply Saved Filter


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