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How to Change the Planning Settings for Multiple Items at Once (Multi-Edit)

This article describes the steps to change the planning and ordering settings of multiple items at one time. The steps may be followed from any of the Analytics interfaces as well as from the Selection Interface.

Any setting made via the multi-edit or in the items options tab override the settings made in system settings. System Settings are global settings whereas multi-edit or option tab settings are item / location specific settings. These settings remain even if changes are made in the system settings interface.

Go to Interface

Any interface where the items are listed may be used to change settings.

Filter the selection or search for the item(s) to change. In the example below, a tag has been selected to initiate the filtering. You may also filter by a custom filter as described in the article How to Create, Apply, and Edit a Selection Filter.

Go to Interface

Select the Item(s) to Change

  1. Click on Select All to select all items (checked) in the filtered list. You may uncheck items that should not be included.
  2. Click Edit to open the settings options.
Select the Item(s) to Change

Select Options to Change

  1. The number of items selected to have their setting changed is provided.
  2. Check the box next to the option to change to enable the change. Change the setting as required. In the example below, the setting Periodic Order Grouping is being changed to 4. For a description of all options, please review
Select Options to Change

Available Settings in Multiple Edit

Read the article System Settings Overview and its associated articles to review the settings available.


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