Requirement Plan / Planner Action List View

The Requirement Plan / Planner Action list view provides a list of all requirement plans run over the last year.

Accessing the List View

  1. Click on Requirement Plan
  2. Click on Planner Action
  3. Click on All Plans

Planner Action List Organization

The planner action list is organized as follows:

  1. Date Created: The date and time the plan was generated.
  2. Created By: Who created a plan. If Data Hub is shown then the system created the requirement plan via automation.
  3. Description: The description of the analysis if one was entered at the time of creation.
  4. Stats: F=Number of forecasts. The balance are shown if DRP is enabled. S = number of Source Location plans and D = number of Destination locations in the plan.
  5. Type: Item = Item based planning. DP = the type of Demand Plan. NF = new forecast is generated, SS = new safety stock is generated. S&OP = the source of the forecast and supply planning is from the S&OP process.
  6. Aggr.: If an aggregate forecast was run as part of a new forecast in requirement planning, an icon will appear.
  7. Planner Action: Clicking on the link open the planner action detail page. DemandCaster retains up to 6 months of weekly requirement plans for review and analysis.
  8. Delete: Click to delete the specific analysis.


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