Running a New Requirement Plan (when ABP IS NOT enabled)

This article describes the steps required to run a new requirement plan in the Basic Platform. To learn how to run a new statistical forecast when ABP is not enabled, please read the article Running a New Forecast (when AP IS NOT enabled).

If you have the Advanced Business Planning add-on enabled, please read the article Running a New Requirement Plan (when ABP IS enabled) to run a requirement plan.

Select Items to Requirement Plan

  1. Use the different filter options in the Selection interface to filter and then select items to forecast and plan. You may also choose to plan all items in which case go to step 2.
  2. Click Select All, to select all the filtered items (or unfiltered if all items are to be run)
  3. You may also click on the check box next to the desired items to manually select one or a few items.
  4. Click "Run Analysis" to commence the forecast or requirement plan process for the selected items.
Select Items to Requirement Plan

Apply Analysis Options

  1. Selection Criteria: A message is provided that shows the number of items that have been selected for analysis.
  2. Description: This is optional, but you may name your analysis (recommended so that you can reference past analysis)
  3. Historical Period Selection: Not applicable when running a requirement plan. Applicable when running  Running a New Forecast (when AP IS NOT enabled).
  4. Calculate New Forecast / Safety Stock: Select No to run a requirement plan. DemandCaster uses the prior calculated forecast and safety stock values for the item.
  5. Forecast Hierarchy Type: If you are requirement planning items with BOM's you may choose to run a plan only for the parents without running a full MRP process. This is done by selecting parents only and will explode only the parent items to the children and through distribution. This makes for a faster analysis in a manufacturing setting. Because a BOM is relational, even if the user selects one finished goods (parent) to forecast and components that have shared parents will automatically drive forecast for the other finished goods the components demand is dependent upon.
  6. Select Batching if Batch Planning templates are configured.
  7. Click “Generate” to run the analysis.
Apply Analysis Options

Automating the Requirement Plan Process

You may choose to automate the requirement planning process at a frequency you desire using DemandCaster's Automation engine. Read the article Automation in DemandCaster to learn how.


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