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System Settings, Multi-Edit, and Item Detail Settings Change Behavior

DemandCaster has three primary methods to update SKU planning settings:

  1. Via System Settings
  2. Via Multi-Edit
  3. Via Item Detail

When changing the setting within multi-edit or system settings, you must run a new plan for the new setting to be applied. This is because the application saves prior plans to ensure past plans reflect the settings at the time of their original generation. If you change a system setting or update via multi-edit, the update will be reflected at the time of your next plan run or if you manually rerun a plan. Prior plans will not be affected by this change.

If you change the setting within the item detail, that change will be applied immediately against the item. It will not automatically explode against any components. This allows planners to make changes to settings to immediately see the result without waiting for the change to explode through its dependent components or locations. Once that is made users can click the "red dependent demand button" to explode the change through the BOM and/or distribution network.