How to modify SQL Extraction Queries in Data Hub

This article describes the process to modify extraction queries in the data hub.

Go to Data Hub

  1. Click on Data in upper menu
  2. Click on Data Hub in second level menu to access the data hub
Go to Data Hub

Go To Extractions

  1. Click on ETL in the upper menu bar
  2. Click on Extraction in the second level menu to access the list of available queries
  3. Click on Edit to open the query detail for the specific extraction
Go To Extractions

Edit query as required

  1. Edit the Query in the box.
  2. Once complete, click save and continue editing additional queries as needed.
Edit query as required


Please note that if any additional data fields are added outside of what is already in the query, please contact DemandCaster support to ensure the field will be transformed and loaded to DemandCaster correctly.


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