Uploading Data Using the Data Hub On-Demand

DemandCaster receives the data necessary to run an analysis in one of two ways.

  1. Automated Data Upload: This is an automated process done via the DataHub that can also be initiated on demand as described below.
  2. Manual Data Upload: This is a manual data upload process as described in the Manual Upload article.

The automated data upload process is an ETL (extract, transform, and load) process that is included with all DemandCaster licenses. This process automates and simplifies the data upload process from an ERP and/or database by preparing and loading data queries via the data hub.

The Data Hub will only appear if you are authorized to run a data extract and the Data Hub is set up in your profile.

Open Data Hub

  1. Click on Data and then
  2. Data Hub in the second level menu
Click on Data Hub within the LHS menu

You are now in the Data Hub

  1. Click on ETL and then on
  2. Data Management
You are now in the Data Hub

Select the ETL Template to Run

  1. Identify the appropriate extraction template. It is typically the one
  2. Click "Run" to trigger the data extraction process.

This step will launch the integration and will trigger any requirement planning automation that is sequenced with a data update.

Select the ETL to Run

Return to DemandCaster

  1. Click on the gear
  2. Click on “Back to Admin” to go back to DemandCaster while the extraction is running.
Return to DemandCaster

Check Progress

  1. Click on Data menu group
  2. Click “Data Upload." Once the process initiates, you should see the process running as the extraction and transformation steps are progressing. When it loads, you will see the progress of each table.
  3. Once complete, the data will show up in the “Data Upload” interface with the date and time it was run and "Yes" in the completed column per the third image.


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