DemandCaster Process Steps to Run Following Data Upload

Once your data is loaded, the following steps should be performed to ensure the data extracted is correctly rendered in DemandCaster.

1. Run Classification Analysis

This may have already been run by the integration engineer. However, we recommend running it prior to any data review to ensure the values are up to date.

  1. Click "Analytics"
  2. Click "Classification"
  3. Click "Run Analysis" to commence the calculation.

For more information on the Classification Analysis, please read the the article Classification Analysis

2. Run S&OP Process Steps (if S&OP is provisioned)

Run S&OP process per the article Demand and Supply Planning Process Steps (if S&OP provisioned)

  1. Click "S&OP"
  2. Click "Demand and Supply Plan"
  3. Run Demand Plan per the article Demand Planning Detailed Process Steps
  4. Run Supply Plan per the article Supply Planning
  5. Approve the plan per the article Approval

3. Run Requirement Plan

Run requirements plan per the article Running a New Requirement Plan (S&OP Platform if the S&OP platform is enabled otherwise run a new forecast/requirement plan per the article Running a New Forecast (Basic Platform) if S&OP is not enabled.

This steps updates the values of the item planning detail view to that latest uploaded values from your ERP.

4. Review the Data

Please read the article Checking values in DemandCaster after New Data Upload to review your data.


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