Data Integration

The data integration and verification steps are the most time consuming of the implementation process. Though we may have experience with a particular ERP system it does not mean we will not run into an issue. Each database may be provisioned differently requiring additional support to map data properly. The most critical requirement to ensure this step proceeds without issue is the availability of a customer appointed resource to help write and debug SQL queries or verify the source of the data as required.

Resource Required: Customer resource to assist in data extract requirements

Elapsed Time Required on Average: Assume 2 weeks to complete step 2 upon receiving required information from customer

Steps Required with Responsibility:

  1. Deploy Integration (4 options depending on integration type as covered in the article DemandCaster Data Integration Overview and Options:
    1. Build SQL queries to pull data from customer database (if data connector or FTP integration option is used) - Customer
    2. Deploy Scripts (if Netsuite integration is deployed per the article NetSuite Extraction Scripts Upload and Deployment - DemandCaster Engineering
    3. Create FTP folder and provide credentials (if Post to FTP is deployed) - DemandCaster Engineering
    4. Configure Data Integration API (if other web-based platform is deployed) - DemandCaster Engineering
  2. Setup initial planning requirements per Planning Policy Questionnaire - DemandCaster Engineering
  3. Run initial data extraction to confirm integration is operating as expected - DemandCaster Engineering
  4. Once confirmed, commence loading full data set - DemandCaster Engineering
  5. Prep initial DemandCaster analysis - DemandCaster Engineering
  6. Once complete, ask customer to commence reviewing data per the article Process Steps Following New Data Upload


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