Once the questionnaire is completed, pre-integration covers the base setup of your companies DemandCaster instance and communication of the data connection type and credentials necessary to extract data from your ERP (if applicable). The actual time to prepare the requirements and configure the connection is typically no more than two hours assuming there are no issues.

Resource Required: Customer resource to provide credentials and if applicable, install the data connector.

Elapsed Time Required on Average: 1 week

Steps Required with Responsibility:

  1. Review integration requirements as documented in planning policy questionnaire - DemandCaster Engineering
  2. Create DemandCaster instance (if not previously created) - DemandCaster Engineering
  3. Setup planning options (if not previously created) - DemandCaster Engineering
  4. Share data integration requirements with customer for on-premise ERP integrations - DemandCaster Engineering
  5. Customer to provide requested information per the articles below or install the data connector necessary to facilitate integration - Customer
    1. Netsuite: Integrating with Netsuite
    2. FTP: Integrating with FTP
    3. Plex: Integrating with Plex
    4. Data Connector: Setting Up the Data Connector


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