Integration and On-Boarding Time Line

Overall Time Line including S&OP Add-On

In summary, the typical time frame to go live with DemandCaster is 3 months and depends on a number of factors including the planning platform and add-ons elected. Excluding the training of users, resources required are IT related folks who can assist in the data integration process per the different options as described in the article DemandCaster Data Integration Overview and Options.

There are a number of steps from integration through on-boarding that are required to ensure DemandCaster is setup in order to best meet your companies planning needs. They are:

  1. Planning Policy Questionnaire: This establishes the base planning policies to be entered in DemandCaster upon setup and serves as the starting point during the on-boarding process per the article Complete Planning Policy Questionnaire
  2. Pre-Installation: The DemandCaster instance is setup and the initial planning policies entered per the article Pre-Installation
  3. Data Integration: The data integration is implemented by your assigned DemandCaster engineer per the article Data Integration
  4. Data Verification: Upon completing the integration, the data is loaded and we work together to ensure the data is correctly rendered in DemandCaster per the articles DemandCaster Process Steps to Run Following Data Upload and Checking values in DemandCaster after New Data Upload. This is also a good time to create new user accounts.
  5. Planning Policy Review and Verification: Once the data is verified, the On-Boarding process will commence. A meeting will be scheduled to review your completed planning policy questionnaire to begin the process of establishing your planning settings in DemandCaster. These steps and the overall structure and methods of the software will also be covered as documented in the section Introductory Concepts
  6. Demand Planning: Applicable only if S&OP is enabled.
  7. Supply Planning: Applicable only if S&OP is enabled.
  8. Requirement Planning
  9. Advanced Topics


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