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Setup Plex Integration to Plan Requirements for Multiple Buildings

In Plex, it is possible to utilize Buildings for the multi-location management of inventory and fulfillment of customer orders.  The following steps need to be followed in order to utilize DemandCaster's multi-location requirement planning functionality to plan the requirements for the Buildings that are setup in Plex.

Setup Part Building

In DemandCaster, the Item Location record (loaded using the itemlocations.txt)is used to represent each SKU that is stored in a location.  A Part Building record has to be created in Plex to enable the records for each Building and SKU to be extracted from Plex.

The Part Building form is accessed in Plex from the Part Buildings submenu in the Part form.

Only Buildings that are used in Part Building records are extracted as locations into DemandCaster. A SKU is created in DemandCaster for each Part Building record in Plex.

In the Part Building form, the New menu action should be used to create a Part Building record for each SKU.  


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