Time Fence Settings

  1. Planning Horizon (weeks): Number of weeks beyond the cumulative lead time to extend planning quantities.
  2. Order Period (weeks): The number of weeks of demand to be ordered at one time. Uses average historical independent and dependent demand as the basis of the calculation as a result the weeks between orders may vary as the forecast changes over time.
  3. Periodic Order Grouping Days or Monthly: Groups suggested orders by a set number of days or calendar months. This is independent of the order period setting. It forces all suggested order to follow equal periodic values i.e. order once every 10 days or 1 per month (following a strict calendar period). Please note if a Max value is applied against an item, the max constraint will be applied following the grouping of orders.
  4. Firm order horizon (weeks): Number of weeks beyond the lead time to consider orders "Firm" and requirements are passed along to dependent components. Lead Time + Firm order horizon = Order Horizon
  5. No Forecast Horizon (weeks): This setting applies a number of weeks where DemandCaster does not apply a forecast. This is added on top of the lead time. This value is used where customer orders will be used instead of forecast values beyond the lead time. It is most applicable to companies receiving blanket orders or longer term orders from their customers that in essence replaces the forecast quantity. The risk is if there are no such orders entered during this period, there will be no consumption applied due to the lack of forecast.
  6. Expedite future order horizon (weeks): This setting defines how for out in the future to consider an open replenishment order available for expediting. This is applicable to situations where companies have open blanket unreleased purchase orders that have a due date far out in the future.
  7. Frozen horizon: This settings work as follows:
  • Turns off new order suggestions, expedites, and expedite future order logic during the lead time and frozen horizon.
  • When the setting is enabled, the planner action will not communicate any expedites or new suggested orders that are needed during the horizon but rather a Review message as follows.

- Line Action will be "Other"

- Line Status will be "Review."

- Reason Status will be "Stock-Out" if an expedite or new order would have been needed to address a stock-out, "Order Point" if the expedite or new order is needed to meet the order point requirement, "Safety Stock" if the expedite or new order is needed to address a safety stock breach.

It still possible to manually edit and/or move an order within the frozen horizon if it will be required.



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