System Settings Overview

System settings are global settings applied to all items. Many of the settings found in the system settings are also options at the item level. Item settings are managed via multi-edit or in the options tab of the items requirement plan view and override the system setting when a different option is chosen. The system settings are found in the control panel under Utilities as shown in the image below.

Understanding these settings is critical to maximizing the potential of DemandCaster. They are designed to mimic your operating relating and facilite Sales and Operations Planning, Item Forecasting, Requirement Planning and Ordering to name a few.

Open System Settings

  1. To open the system settings interface, click on the Utilities to open the sub-menu Utilities menu group.
  2. Click on System Settings to open the system settings view.
Open System Settings

Download Excel Option

As an option, from the Item Selection interface you may review the settings for every item by downloading the Forecast Options report by clicking on the Excel button.

Download Excel Option

System Setting Interface Opens

In this view, all the settings appear on a single page. The sections and settings are determined by the options enabled in your subscription.

A detailed description of each system setting is covered in the System Settings articles included in this section.


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