Point of Sale Data Requirements

The POS planning feature is only available as part of the Market Forecast Manager (MFM) add-on.

The following is the data required to support POS analysis and planning.

POS Sales History Upload (posorders.txt)

The posorders.txt file will load POS history to the POS planning table. This data may be uploaded manually or integrated using the Data Hub. This data is used to drive the analysis and later, the statistical forecast, of the POS  plan. With each new upload the prior values are deleted and the file is uploaded as new (destructive load).

The table structure is provided below. All columns must be populated with valid data.

  • Customer Code
  • Item Code
  • Date Sold
  • Qty Sold
  • Selling Price (if no price, default value to 0)
  • Location Code

Retail Inventory Table (retailinventory.txt)

The inventory for each PCL at the retail location can be uploaded into the POS application. This table defines the inventory level at the customer as of the date of the upload. With each new upload the prior values are deleted and the file is uploaded as new (destructive load).

The table is structured as follows. All columns must be populated with valid data. 

  • Customer Code
  • Item Code
  • Inventory Level
  • Location Code

POS Plan (posuserdefinedforecast.txt)

This data upload is used to override units only in current and future buckets (52 weeks in total) of the POS plan. Data upload must target a single PCL. All of Customer, Location (except for non-multi location company), Product and Bucket Type columns are required. Bucket type must be in weeks.

The date period header must consist of the date period followed by "-unit" (6/27/2021-Unit). POS ASP and POS Revenue rows will remain zeroes for future buckets, they are not connected with POS Plan.

The table is structure as follows:

  • Customer: Customer number (required)
  • Customer Name ***: Name of customer. For reference only.
  • Item: Item number (required)
  • Item Name ***: Name of item. For reference only.
  • Location: Location code
  • Forecast Type ***: UDF (for reference only)
  • Bucket Type: W
  • 6/27/2021-Unit
  • 7/4/2021-Unit
  • 7/11/2021-Unit

Upload Data

If manually preparing data, upload the data following the steps covered in the article Manually Uploading Data


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