Mapping SKU's to IHS Programs

Open Market Forecast Manager

Market Forecast Manager is within the Advanced Planning menu group.

At present, Market Forecast Manager only supports IHS Markit automotive forecast data integration.

There are 3 tabs within Market Forecast Manager as described in the article Market Forecast Manager for IHS Markit Introduction

  1. Mappings: Managing the SKU mappings to the IHS data
  2. Programs: Managing the programs that you creatde from the mappings
  3. Updates: Summary of updates to the IHS data (optional)

In "Mapping," select the IHS row that you want to create a mapping for by selecting the arrow to the left. You may use the search within each column to filter down the selection.

This will expand the view to commence mapping.

Click the "New Plan" to open the mapping pop-up

The following pop-up window appears:

Enter the name for the plan in the “Name” field:

Select the “Type” from the drop-down list. Types may be user defined in the "Scenario Plan" section under "Plan Types"

Select the “Status” from the drop-down list:

  1. Draft: This is a draft plan and has no impact on the Demand Plan view
  2. Planned: This status visualizes the planned IHS forecast in the demand plan but is not used in planning. It is for reference only.
  3. Approved: The replaces the statistical forecast which is the starting base plan with the IHS Forecast value.

As a note, a plan can change from Approved back to Planned or Draft status as needed.

Next, enter the “Take Rate." This is the percentage of the business that you think you have relative to the forecast. 100% means that have secured 100% of the volume.

The “Confidence” percentage is optional and is applicable to new future opportunities where you are planning to win the business.

Once the header information is entered, now you may enter the SKU or SKU's that are mapped to this program.

Enter “Parts per” field if there are multiple pats for this IHS mapping. Parts per is a multiplier against the forecast. The forecast is a single vehicle so the parts per defines how many of the specific part is being supplied to that vehicle. If 2 is entered, the forecast is doubled in the demand plan.

Enter “Lead time in days” field. The lead time shifts the automotive production forecast to align with your ship by to meet the requirements of the automaker.

Click the green “Save” button to save this mapping

Screen returns to the Market Forecast tab showing new saved mapping

The new Program shows up on the “Programs” tab as well


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