Setting Up Integration with IHS Market

This article is related to integrating and updating IHS forecast data with DemandCaster. The update tab where the delta changes are summarized by IHS are not included in the integration. Delta change updates are only available via the efiles. They are not in the query. Delta changes may be downloaded via the e-file and manually uploaded to DemandCaster.

Request IHS Markit API Credentials

Request your subscription account credentials from IHS Markit to access the data API.

The account user name that will be provided will be a generic email address such as shared***[email protected]***.com where the *** is your company domain. This account type does not count against your named user accounts. A password will also be provided.

Provide DemandCaster IP's if Requested

IHS Markit may ask for DemandCaster's IP addresses so they can whitelist. Please contact support for these IP's.

Setup Saved Search in IHS Portal

Next steps is to setup a saved search within IHS. This is the saved search that will be extracted and pulled into DemandCaster for planning. The saved search must be created with the API access credentials described above. For assistance, please contact your IHS representative or support.

Determine Data Refresh Frequency

DemandCaster will need to know at what frequency and on what day of the week or month you would like the data updated. We recommend monthly but in times of great uncertainty IHS will update the data more frequently during the month. You can always refresh on demand if a monthly update cycle is set up.

Please share the account credentials, unique ID of the saved search, and data refresh frequency with DemandCaster personnel.

This information will be used to securely set up and test the integration with IHS Markit.


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