Push Updates from Capacity Planning to Requirement Planning


The Push functionality is used to transfer changes made to production and suggested orders in the Capacity Planning application to the Requirement Planning application.  

Required Configuration

  • Suggested Edit Recalculation Mode:  The System Setting ->Suggested Edit Recalculation Mode must be set to Freeze All to ensure that the changes in the Capacity Plan are not overwritten after they are copied back to the Requirement Plan
  • Daily Buckets (required for Constrained Capacity Level Loading):  The Business Node must be configured to use Daily Buckets when using Constrained Capacity Level Loading (CCPL).  Enter a case to have your Business Node configured to use Daily Buckets in Requirements Planning if it is not already configured.


To push the changes you have made in Capacity Planning to Requirement Planning, you need to follow these steps

  1. Access the Sync Operations menu option under Capacity Planning
  1. Click on the Push button to open up the Push dialog.  The changes made in the Capacity Plan are always sent to the latest Requirement Plan.  The timestamp of the latest Requirement Plan is shown, and the hyperlink on the timestamp can be used to navigate to the Requirement Plan
  1. The changes that are pushed from the Capacity Planning application to the Requirement Planning application completely overwrites all production orders and suggested orders in the Requirement Planning application.  The capability exists to check if the plan (in the Requirement Planning application) has been modified since the plan was pulled in to the Capacity Planning application.  The Check Warnings button enables the user to determine if there are Requirement Planning changes that will be overwritten with the push.
  1. The View Sync Warnings button can be used to view each of the production and suggested order updates that are about to be overwritten.

The Push button is used to copy the plan from the Capacity Plan to the Requirement Plan.  The text in the Push dialog window will display a message to indicate the Push action is complete.


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