Pull Requirement Plan into Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is run after the generation of the Requirement Plan to analyze the availability of capacity to execute the Requirement Plan.  To provide some control over the version of the Requirement Plan that is being evaluated using Capacity planning, it is necessary to have the ability to be able to determine when a Requirement Plan should be pulled (loaded) into the Capacity Plan.  

The controls for pulling the Requirement Plan into the Capacity Plan is found under the Sync Operations menu item

After accessing the Sync Operations application, click on the Pull button to access the Pull dialog.

In the Pull Dialog the user will be presented with a link to the Requirement Plan (identified by the timestamp of its generation) that will be loaded into the Capacity module after the pull operation is executed.  Only the latest Requirement Plan can be selected to be pulled into the Capacity module.  All the data in the current Capacity Plan, and changes made to orders in the current Capacity Plan, will be deleted by pull operation.  Clicking on the Pull button in the Pull Dialog will initiate the pull operation.

After the completion of the pull operation the Pull Dialog will be updated to message indicating the result of the operation

Dismissing the Pull Dialog by closing the window will take the user to the log page of the Sync Operations.


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